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Senior Citizen Health Insurance Individual
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Universal Sompo Senior Citizen Policy can be taken by a Senior Citizen who is above 60 years of age for covering himself/ herself and his/her spouse.
Title Description
Room Rent Limit 1% of S.I or Actuals Whichever is Less.
ICU Daily Rent Limit 2% of S.I or Actuals Whichever is Less.
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses 30 Days
Post Hospitalization Expenses 60 Days
Free Health Checkup After 3 Claim free Years
Ambulance Expenses 1% of SI or Rs.1500
Daily Hospitalization Allowance 0.1% of S.I or Rs 250 whichever is less, max. Rs.2500
Nursing Allowance 1% of S.I
No Claim Bonus 5% max. upto 10 calim free Years